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5/2/14 Students should be bringing home their packet math TCAP packets for review and to refresh their memory on any problems that they had.  This is just a review to help them feel more comfortable with TCAP.

4/30/14 Be sure to have all corrections on a separate sheet of paper for all TCAP Practice packets attached to the back of the packets.  Complete Test Taking Tips on notebook paper and attach to directions.

4/24/14  TCAP Practice Packet #2 along with yellow worksheet on multiplying and dividing with fractions

4/23/14 Work on TCAP practice packet due Friday.  It is for a grade

4/22/14 Study for test with study guide and workbook pg 27 odd

4/21/14 Complete study guide for test. Get TCAP Practice packet signed by parents so they can stay informed.  Make corrections on a separate sheet of paper showing work and explaining why you got it wrong.

4/17/14 No Homework!

4/16/14 Practice worksheet on bias in sampling

4/15/14 Finish Circle Graph worksheet and IXL X5

4/11/14 Finish Scholastic Bar Graph Worksheet

4/10/14 IXL R12 due tomorrow.  Scholastic Bar Graph Worksheet due Monday

4/9/14 IXL R12 due Friday

4/8/14 Workbook pg 50 on misleading graphs

4/7/14 Textbook pg 296 in spiral notebook

4/4/14 Workbook pg 51 on stem and leaf plots

4/3/14 Complete Geometry Word Problem.  Complete workbook pg 47

4/2/14 Work on Geometry Word problem.  IXL due tomorrow.

4/1/14 See 3/31/14 for homework.  Remember the instructions for uploading a photo are included in the directions for Geometry Word Problem under Course Resources.

3/31/14 Complete worksheet for Wednesday, IXL for Thursday and Geometry Word Problem due Friday.  See Link under Course Resources on this page for directions.

3/28/14 Problem Solving worksheet on bar graphs and line graphs.  Don't forget IXL is due Thursday.

3/27/14  Workbook pg 49 on line graphs

3/26/14 Geometry Works is due tomorrow and don't forget to show your work.  Workbook pg 46 is due on bar graphs

3/25/14 Complete problem solving worksheet both sides due tomorrow

3/24/14 Welcome Back.  Making a Table Worksheet due on displaying data in a table.  Scholastic Geometry Work worksheet due on Thursday. 

3/13/14 Bring something round and edible to share for Pi Day.  Work on IXL.

3/12/14 Foldable due

3/11/14 Workbook pgs 88 and 89, odd numbered problems only.  Foldable due Thursday.

3/10/14 Complete worksheet on calculating and analyzing volume of cylinders and boxes

3/7/14 Study for Vocabulary Test

3/6/14 Worksheet on volume of prisms

3/5/14 Workbook pg 90, all but #3 and #4

2/28/14 Textbook pg 578, #7,8,9,16,17,18

2/27/14 Complete Evan's Cheese Shop worksheet on surface area.  Finish Venn Diagram comparing prisms & pyramids

2/26/14 We started surface area and there is no homework other than finishing IXL

2/25/14  Workbook pgs 69 & 87

2/24/14 Finish IXL that is due today or start IXL for this week.  Also, finish any classwork from Friday such as geometry definitions

2/20/14 Use your textbook to define surface area vocabulary words

2/19/14 Garden Fence Task

2/18/14 Worksheets on absolute value and integers

2/13/14  Due to schedule changes for testing, weather, etc. IXL is the only item due Tuesday

2/10/14 Textbook pg 556, all, complete in spiral notebook.  Remember test tomorrow on perimeter, area, and circumference.

2/6/14 Circumference and Area of Circles Worksheet

2/5/14 Worksheet on perimeter and circumference

2/4/14 Start IXL and workbook pg 81 on circles and circumference

2/3/14 Try to finish composite figure assignment.  On a separate sheet of paper calculate the area of each shape.  Be sure to show your work.

1/31/14 Due on Monday:  ARea Foldable, IXL and problem solving worksheet on area.  All tasks were assigned throughout the week except for the worksheet from today.

1/30/14 Workbook pg 83 due tomorrow and foldable and IXL due Monday

1/29/14 Workbook pg 82 on area of rectangles and parallelograms

1/28/14 Work on IXL Z2, Z20, Z22 due 2/3/14

1/27/14 NO Homework but start on IXL

1/23/14 Name that Picture is due tomorrow.  Coordinate Plane test is tomorrow.  Textbook pg 612 is a good review.

1/22/14 COORDINATE PLANE TEST MOVED TO FRIDAY!  See below for padlet, Name that Graph and IXL.

1/21/14 Post to Padlet on Coordinate Plane due Thursday:

Name that Picture due Friday and IXL due Monday

Coordinate Plane Test on Thursday

1/17/14 No Homework.  Enjoy the weekend.  Test on  coordinate plane Thursday.

1/16/14 Complete workbook pg 93 on the coordinate plane.  KidBlog comment and IXL are due tomorrow.

1/15/14 Integer worksheet due tomorrow.  Kidblog posting due tomorrow. Comments due Friday and IXL due Friday.

1/14/14 Worksheet on the meaning and order of integers

1/13/14 Scholastic Math Magazine assignment due tomorrow.  KidBlog due Thursday.  Directions attached at the bottom.

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