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5/7/15 If not finished during classtime, finish the picture and the calculations for the irregular area activity

5/4/15 TCAP Practice #3 and #4 corrections are due tomorrow.  Get some sleep and eat breakfast.  Math TCAP tomorrow.

5/1/15 Look over practice packets and make corrections to Practice #3 and #4

4/29/15 Start making corrections on the sampler packets and practice tests.  Log the problem numbers for the corrections on the yellow organizer worksheet

4/28/15 Practice TCAP #4. Put the answers on the back of the scantron that was used for TCAP Practice #3 (the green side) starting with #51

4/27/15 Practice TCAP #3 due with scantron, counts as a quiz grade.  Weather project due tomorrow. TCAP Practice Parts 1 & 2 need to be signed.  Remember to bring a calculator tomorrow.

4/24/15  SPI 0606.2.7 on placing rational numbers on the number line.  Don't forget to get the TCAP Practice Test Part 1 signed and work on your weather project due Tuesday.

4/23/15 SPI 0606.2.4 and 2.5 on solving problems and converting between fractions, decimals and percents

4/22/15 SPI 0606.2.3 on computation and word problems involving decimals

4/21/15 SPI 0606 1.3 and 1.4 on integers and properties

4/20/15 SPI 0606.2.2 on fraction computation and fraction word problems

4/17/15 Work on IXL V7 and V12 due next Tuesday.  There is TCAP Practice math homework every night next week.

4/16/15 Get TCAP sampler tests signed and start working on IXL

4/15/15  Workbook pg 47

4/14/15 Workbook pg 49 and get TCAP Sampler tests signed by parents

4/10/15 Finish distributive property worksheet if not finished during class time.  Finish IXL from last night, there were some technical difficulties with the program

4/8/15 BrainPop worksheet on graphs

4/7/15 Workbook pg 46 on bar graphs

4/6/15 Workbook pg 43 and finish IXL B9 and T10

4/2/15 NO Homework other than IXL which is due Tuesday

4/1/15 Workbook page 45.  And IXL due Tuesday

3/31/15 Workbook pg 44 on mean, median and mode.  Do not answer about range since we have not covered that yet. IXL due next week is on the calendar

3/30/15 No Homework

3/27/15 Test moved to Monday due to talent show.  Study!

3/26/15  Review for geometry test.  Complete textbook page 556, #1,2,4,6,10,11 and page 580, #2,3,4,5,8,9 in your spiral notebook

3/25/15 Worksheet on calculating prism and cylinder volume

3/24/15 Workbook pg 88 odd on volume of prisms

3/23/15 Workbook pg 89 odd on volume of cylinders

3/12/15 Workbook pg 86 and bring something round and edible to share for Pi Day

3/11/15 Workbook pg 81 on circles and circumference

3/10/15 Ed Helper Packet practice due Thursday

3/9/15 Study for Geometry Vocabulary Test.  Check Skyward for missing grades.  Remember the foldable is not graded yet.

3/4/15 Area of Triangle worksheet due tomorrow.  Foldable assignment due Friday.  Geometry Vocabulary Test is Tuesday. 3/10

3/3/15 Finish trapezoid practice worksheet.  Finish textbook pg 542 #1-20 from yesterday

2/27/15 Workbook pg 83 on area of triangles and trapezoids

2/25/15 Workbook pg 82 on area of rectangles and parallelograms

2/23/15 Finish worksheet on missing angle measures in triangles and quadrilaterals.  All IXL is due tomorrow including past missing assignments

2/13/15 No Homework.  IXL on calendar due Wednesday

2/12/15 Workbook pgs 68 and 69

2/11/15 BrainPop Worksheet

2/10/15  Finish worksheet from class

2/9/15 Workbook pg 65 on supplementary and complimentary angles

2/6/15 No Homework

2/5/15 Textbook pg 412, #20-23

2/4/15 Review worksheet on angles, shapes and lines

2/3/15 Finish the Geometry Review sheet on lines and angles

2/2/15 Study for quiz tomorrow

1/30/15 Finish IXL and riddle worksheet from class today

1/29/15 Finish name graph and plotting points on other graph

1/28/15 Finish practice name and start IXL (on calendar).  Final Name that Picture due Friday

1/26/15 Complete workbook pg 93 on coordinate plane

1/23/15  Finish absolute value task and finish IXL

1/22/15 Workbook pg 92 and don't forget IXL due Monday.  It's on the calendar

1/21/15 Complete Math Spy Guys worksheet on Outcomes with Integers

1/20/15 Complete integers in the real world worksheet

1/16/15 No Homework.  Have a nice weekend.

1/15/15 Pan Balances due and study for test.   Use workbook, worksheets and textbook to study 1 step equations and 2 steps equations

1/14/15 Finish worksheet on solving equations and textbook page 84.

1/13/15 Finish homework from last night and work on Pan Balances due Friday

1/12/15 Complete workbook pg 109

1/9/15  Finish 4 2-step problems from powerpoint notes with division.  Finish Picture/Number Patterns that was started before break.

1/8/15 Finish 4 word problems from powerpoint notes in spiral notebook.

1/7/15 Workbook pgs 13 & 14 odd on multiplying and dividing with 1 step equations

1/6/15 Workbook pgs 11-12 odd on adding and subtracting with 1 step equations

12/16/14 Study for Vocabulary Test

12/15/14 Complete words to math worksheet.  Don't forget 2nd quarter vocabulary test on Wednesday.

12/11-12/14 Complete light purple word problem worksheet

12/10/14 Finish tree worksheet on like terms

12/9/14 Textbook pg 60 on tables and expressions

12/8/14 Workbook pg 9 on tables and expressions

12/5/14 Workbook pg 8 translating words to math

12/4/14 Finish Worksheet if not completed in class.  Study vocabulary words for the week in your notes for quiz tomorrow.

12/3/14 No Homework

12/2/14 Workbook pg 7

11/20/14 Properties Worksheet but we will also work on this during class tomorrow.

11/19/14 Brainpop worksheet on distributive property and Shape Numbers is due!

11/18/14 BrainPop Worksheet on commutative and associative properties

11/17/14 Complete/Finish/Check padlet post.  Shape Numbers due Thursday

11/14/14 Workbook pg 3 odd only

11/13/14 Complete padlet post.  Complete take home test.  Students may use their notes and previous assignments.  Parents please do not help your student with this task.  It is due tomorrow but if there is a lot of work tonight to complete, it can be finished and turned in on Monday.

11/12/14 Rates assignment on creating a store with 4 items due tomorrow.  Padlet post due Friday

11/8/14 Finish workbook pg 53 and complete ratios and rates worksheet

11/7/14 Best Buy Worksheet and IXL AA3 and G2

11/6/14 Finish classwork and Identify ratio worksheet.  Start IXL AA3

11/5/14 Workbook pg 53 on ratios

11/3/14 No Homework unless you didn't finish IXL AA15 due today

10/30/14 Applying Percent Word Problems, Odd only

10/29/14 Textbook pg 390, 1-20 odd.  Study for test on fraction decimal percent conversion, percent of a number and discount.

10/28/14 Percentage Practice Worksheet odd problems only.  However you will need to look at #4 to complete #5

10/27/14 Fraction Conversion packet is due tomorrow.  Test on percent of a number and discounts on Thursday.

10/24/14 Workbook pg 61 odd on percent of a number.  Don't forget about Rock Conversions packet due Tuesday for a quiz grade

10/23/14 Worksheet on grids with fractions, decimals and percent

10/22/14 IXL AA11 due Friday

10/21/14 Workbook pg 60 on fraction/decimal/percent conversions

10/20/14 Workbook pg 59 all and don't forget IXL due tomorrow.

10/17/14 IXL W4 due Tuesday

10/16/14 Brainpop activity sheet on fractions for review for test tomorrow

10/15/14 Workbook pg 31 and 34 odd on adding and subtracting fractions

10/14/15 Workbook pg 30 odd

10/8/14 No Homework until next week and have a great fall break!

10/7/14 Just the multiplying mixed numbers side on the worksheet

10/6/14 Study for vocabulary test.  Remember extra credit is to write out definitions either electronically or on paper such as index cards or notebook paper.

10/3/14 Textbook pg 268, #1-21 on separate sheet of paper.  Vocabulary Test on Tuesday

10/2/14 Textbook pg 262, #14-34 Even on ppracticing dividing fractions

10/1/14 Workbook pg 41 all

9/30/14 Workbook pgs 38-40 odd on multiplying fractions

9/29/14 Worksheet on equivalent fractions

9/26/14 Word Problem Worksheets

9/24/14 Complete textbook pg 190 in spiral notebook

9/23/14 Workbook pg 29, odd on improper fraction and mixed numbers

9/22/14 Workbook pg 28, odd, on equivalent fractions and simplifying.

9/19/14  Workbook pg 27, odd and IXL N.5, N.7, N.8 due on Monday

9/18/14  Work on IXL

9/17/14 No Homework but everyone can start on IXL N.5, N.7, N.8 due Monday

9/16/14 Finish practice test and study for test tomorrow

9/15/14 Complete textbook pg 172, all, which is a review for the test on Wednesday

9/12/14 LCM Worksheet on finding Least Common Multiple

9/11/14 There is a lot of classwork to finish.  Check yellow worksheet for accuracy.  Finish white worksheet with 4 problems on GCF.  Finish workbook pg 25 #10-19 and complete workbook pg 33, #1-15 odd.  Factor Trees are due tomorrow.

9/10/14 Complete front page of worksheet on GCF

9/9/14 Check divisibility worksheet and finish factor tree worksheet with prime factorization

9/8/14 Finish the front page of the factor trees worksheet and complete the divisibility worksheet

9/5/14 Divisibility rules worksheet, odd numbered problems only.  Use the rules in your spiral notebook.

9/4/14 Worksheet on prime and composite numbers and factors

9/3/14 No homework

9/2/14 White packet on exponents

8/29/14 Have a great weekend!  No homework

8/28/14 Finish decimal foldable and use the study guide to study for decimal test tomorrow. 

8/27/14 Complete workbook pg 20 odd numberered only

8/26/14 Keep working on foldable if not you didn't last night.

8/25/14 Start working on decimal foldable word problems

8/22/14 Finish multiplication decimal word problems

8/21/14 Workbook pg 19, #1, 5, 8, 11, 12

8/20/14 Reptile word problem worksheet on adding and subtracting decimals

8/19/14 Workbook pg 17 odd on adding and subtracting decimals

8/18/14 Finish the blue worksheet on ordering decimals tasks

8/15/14 No Homework

8/14/14 Finish workbook pg 15 if not finished and be sure to have decorated title page

8/13/14  Decorate title page of spiral notebook and complete workbook pg 15 on place value and decimals

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