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10/24/14 Workbook pg 61 odd on percent of a number.  Don't forget about Rock Conversions packet due Tuesday for a quiz grade

10/23/14 Worksheet on grids with fractions, decimals and percent

10/22/14 IXL AA11 due Friday

10/21/14 Workbook pg 60 on fraction/decimal/percent conversions

10/20/14 Workbook pg 59 all and don't forget IXL due tomorrow.

10/17/14 IXL W4 due Tuesday

10/16/14 Brainpop activity sheet on fractions for review for test tomorrow

10/15/14 Workbook pg 31 and 34 odd on adding and subtracting fractions

10/14/15 Workbook pg 30 odd

10/8/14 No Homework until next week and have a great fall break!

10/7/14 Just the multiplying mixed numbers side on the worksheet

10/6/14 Study for vocabulary test.  Remember extra credit is to write out definitions either electronically or on paper such as index cards or notebook paper.

10/3/14 Textbook pg 268, #1-21 on separate sheet of paper.  Vocabulary Test on Tuesday

10/2/14 Textbook pg 262, #14-34 Even on ppracticing dividing fractions

10/1/14 Workbook pg 41 all

9/30/14 Workbook pgs 38-40 odd on multiplying fractions

9/29/14 Worksheet on equivalent fractions

9/26/14 Word Problem Worksheets

9/24/14 Complete textbook pg 190 in spiral notebook

9/23/14 Workbook pg 29, odd on improper fraction and mixed numbers

9/22/14 Workbook pg 28, odd, on equivalent fractions and simplifying.

9/19/14  Workbook pg 27, odd and IXL N.5, N.7, N.8 due on Monday

9/18/14  Work on IXL

9/17/14 No Homework but everyone can start on IXL N.5, N.7, N.8 due Monday

9/16/14 Finish practice test and study for test tomorrow

9/15/14 Complete textbook pg 172, all, which is a review for the test on Wednesday

9/12/14 LCM Worksheet on finding Least Common Multiple

9/11/14 There is a lot of classwork to finish.  Check yellow worksheet for accuracy.  Finish white worksheet with 4 problems on GCF.  Finish workbook pg 25 #10-19 and complete workbook pg 33, #1-15 odd.  Factor Trees are due tomorrow.

9/10/14 Complete front page of worksheet on GCF

9/9/14 Check divisibility worksheet and finish factor tree worksheet with prime factorization

9/8/14 Finish the front page of the factor trees worksheet and complete the divisibility worksheet

9/5/14 Divisibility rules worksheet, odd numbered problems only.  Use the rules in your spiral notebook.

9/4/14 Worksheet on prime and composite numbers and factors

9/3/14 No homework

9/2/14 White packet on exponents

8/29/14 Have a great weekend!  No homework

8/28/14 Finish decimal foldable and use the study guide to study for decimal test tomorrow. 

8/27/14 Complete workbook pg 20 odd numberered only

8/26/14 Keep working on foldable if not you didn't last night.

8/25/14 Start working on decimal foldable word problems

8/22/14 Finish multiplication decimal word problems

8/21/14 Workbook pg 19, #1, 5, 8, 11, 12

8/20/14 Reptile word problem worksheet on adding and subtracting decimals

8/19/14 Workbook pg 17 odd on adding and subtracting decimals

8/18/14 Finish the blue worksheet on ordering decimals tasks

8/15/14 No Homework

8/14/14 Finish workbook pg 15 if not finished and be sure to have decorated title page

8/13/14  Decorate title page of spiral notebook and complete workbook pg 15 on place value and decimals

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